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NFT Trail Ticket

What is NFT Trail Ticket?

NFT Trail Ticket, is a kind of game props launched by CycGo official, for players who have not purchased NFT to experience CycGo App for a limited time. Simply put, it is a free NFT with a time limit. It is an innovation that perfectly combines both game-fi and social-fi elements.
During the valid usage period of the Trial Ticket, you can move to earn for free . All GRT tokens you earn during the usage period are real and valid, and they will all belong to you if you decide to buy the NFT after the usage is over.

Where can get the NFT Trial Ticket?

  1. 1.
    You can get it through various activities: twitter, discord, airdrop, etc.
  2. 2.
    It can be shared to you by users who have already purchased.

What are the benefits of the NFT Trial Ticket?

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    If you have never played M2E or are hesitant to join CycGo, by using this Trial Ticket, you can experience the game first before deciding whether to invest.
  2. 2.
    If you have already purchased NFT, you can transfer your generated NFT Trial Ticket to others. When the NFT Trial Ticket recipient completes this process:
Account Registration→Start Cycling →Purchase NFT successfully
Both of you will receive tokens as a reward.

Details of the NFT Trial Ticket

NFT Trial Ticket Sharers (Purchased Users):

1.NFT Trial Ticket Generation:

Every consumption of ten energy points will randomly generate a limited time NFT Trial Ticket, the experience time is three days, five days, seven days
Only when the generated Trial Ticket is successfully shared, a new Trial Ticket will be generated again when you consume 10 energy again.

2.NFT Trial Ticket sharing:

Enter the Homepage of CycGo APP → Find the Trial Button → Copy the Trial Ticket Number → Paste Copied Number to recipient through social tools

3.Benefits Can Get:

When NFT Trial Ticket Recipient use the Ticket and purchase NFT bicycle, you will receive GRT rewards created by recipient during the use of the NFT Trial Ticket.

NFT Trial Ticket Recipients (Non-purchasing users/ New Users)

1.Description of Trial Ticket:

Enjoy bicycle-free cycling and get equal amount of GRT reward, after you purchase NFT the reward can be withdrawn.

2.Receive the NFT Trial Ticket:

Copy the Trial Ticket number given by the sharer through social tools → Register into CycGo APP Homepage → Find the Trial button → Paste the NFT Trial Ticket number → Start Cycling

3.Earnings Can Get:

After you purchase NFT, your character will be transferred to the purchased one, the tokens you earn during the NFT Trial Ticket can be withdrawn and can also start sharing your generated NFT Trial Ticket